Artist Statement

Through Layers of numerous colors and textures I create light. This light represents the light that each one of us holds within ourselves as well as the light that lives in our universe. My goal in creating these works is to help people connect with their inner light and the light of the world to help foster more compassion, understanding, peace and love. To me, this light is what’s real. The physical world around us is only temporary; but this light, which is essentially spirit, is eternal. I intend to create an experience between you and the canvas, an experience that taps into a stream of consciousness that we, as a society, so frequently neglect because we are so caught up in the physical world. I truly feel that if everyone focused more on the love and light they have in their hearts and let themselves be led by that love that we would have a peaceful world where we can all live to our fullest potential. Please join me by focusing on the light in the world and the love you hold within; the more you pay attention to it the stronger it will be.

Jena Campbell
phone: 856-261-9474

All works displayed on this website are for sale, unless otherwise noted. Prices are available upon request.